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The Next Generation of Mixing Technology is Here

Why are you using the same old mixing processes to mix state of the art materials?
The V Impeller provides the most efficient, most practical, and least damaging mixing in the world.

More Efficient

Uses 60% less power to achieve a 5x faster result and maintains near perfect particle distribution over time.

A New Approach

Using the fluid to mix the fluid, creates a fluid flow structure that uses much less power.

Macro to Micro

Now you can scale up or scale down difficult mixing processes, including nano particles and delicate organics.


With applications in biotech, water treatment, oil & gas, chemical manufacturing, and more.


  • Better at Everything

    Power, Performance, and Productivity. With the V Impeller, you get it all.

  • Incredibly Efficient

    Mix advanced materials and suspensions up to 5 times faster with a drive motor of half the size.

  • Produce More

    Manufacture up to 5 times more product at a time in the same footprint.

  • Energy Efficient

    Cut energy costs by up to 10 times.

  • Non-fouling

    Eliminate high maintenance and cleaning costs associated with baffled tanks. The V Impeller has a non-foul design.


Carl Bachellier, CTO, Enevor

Today's modern chemistry and materials need better processing solutions. Nano particles and complex, shear sensitive polymers are difficult to blend, especially in large batches.

Carl Bachellier / CTO of Enevor
Kyle Lee, CEO, Enevor

In our non mixed algae bioreactor, CO2 transfer efficiency was 9%. Adding V mixing, CO2 gas transfer efficiency was improved 10x.


The V Impeller offers the most advanced mixing technology available today,
lowering your costs, increasing production rates, and saving energy in any application.

Enevor V Impeller Technology

We're ready to talk about the future of mixing systems. Are you?