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About Us

Enevor designs and manufactures the V Impeller and seeks partners to
become a part of this giant leap forward in mixing technology.

The V impeller concept of a forced vortex flow was first discovered by Carl Bachellier in 1979 when he was 16 years old and was originally intended to be a silent, non-cavitating propulsion system for military ships.

Years later, when attending McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario as a Psychology student, it became the subject of an engineering theses as a mixer device. The previous year, a propeller mixer had been the subject of some research and the equipment was still in place. During the experiments, it was found to mix water up to 7x faster than the propeller, using much less power to do so.

Over the years, the design has been improved and discoveries have been made. One of those discoveries is “what constitutes a mixed product?” Refining the design and developing the V6 has been about perfecting this approach.

A mixed product is when all the constituent particles are evenly distributed throughout a vessel. It is not about turbulence or chaos. In fact, it’s the opposite, when advanced materials like nano particles, polymers and organics are involved.

The V6 technology creates a perfect fluid flow, and it is that flow that evenly distributes particles throughout a vessel. It does so without damaging them. It is so effective that it can mix liquid soap with water at high rpm’s without any foaming.

Today, we see so many advanced materials processes perfect for the V6 in water treatment, oil, mining, gas, biotech, pharmaceutical and chemicals.

Mixing Soap and Water No Foam

Shows the intake vortex and complete mixing within seconds with no shear.

The Team

Kyle Lee

- CEO -

Previously COO of MIOX, an advanced water treatment company, establishing a fast cleantech manufacturing company serving oil, gas, food and beverage, and semiconductors. Former FAB production manager at Intel FAB 11 setting factory production priorities to deliver products such as flash logic processors for RIM. Kyle holds an MBA from the University of New Mexico, a BA from Stanford University in Quantitative Economics, and certifications from the Project Management Institute and MIT.


Deborah Peacock

- VP, General Counsel, Treasurer -

President/CEO, Managing Partner, Director and Chair of highly successful Intellectual Property law firm with offices in New Mexico, New York and Washington D.C. (1000+ clients U.S. and international). 27 years experience. Licensed attorney in New York, New Mexico and Colorado. Registered Patent Attorney.
Technology specialties: Mining, oil and gas, natural resources, metallurgy, materials science, chemical and industrial processes, fracturing, water treatment, engineering.


Carl Bachellier

- Founder, CTO -

Involved in the industrial mixing industry for 25 years, developing proprietary solutions for coatings, chemicals, food industries and semiconductor CMP. For at least half that time, specializing in solutions for advanced materials such as nano particles, shear sensitive polymers, and delicate organics in pharmaceutical, semiconductor and biotech fields. Inventor of the V impeller technology and designing better process approaches for particle distribution in water treatment, mining, pharmaceutical and biotech.


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